All programming on the COYL Entertainment Network is designed to make you think. Whether it has to do with politics, religion or even what you watch on tv. All the programs are there to make you think. And thinking is good for you.

The FWOT Show

An irreverent and sarcastic look at the news, politics and the world in general.
Includes fun at no extra cost.

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2 Pages Project:

If you're interested in writing, getting published, or just want to read or listen to a great new story, this is the show for you!

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Cinema Savants

Todd Vandenberg and Rob Steele watch a lot of movies so you don't have to.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.

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The Wytching Hour

Elle Shepard's ultra informative program on moden Paganism.
Try it. You'll learn something.

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Some of our programming has extra features.


What does COYL mean?

It stands for "Careful, Or You'll Learn."
In today's world, many people want to keep the information bottled up, but not here. We'll try to tell you everything we know in a factual, if not humorous, way. Free HTML5 Template Bootstrap

Get Published

Part of the purpose of the "2 Pages" project is to get people inspired not just to write, but to get published themselves. And 2 Pages will be happy to publish you!

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The Wytching Hour

This program will not convert your religion. It will teach you about parts of society that you may not know about. Education is the goal!

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We want you to be just a little smarter after every show...
and happier if we can help it.

Rob Steele
COYL Entertainment Network founder